Make a video for a special occasion with WeVishU App.


Make a video that brings smile to your loved one. It is as simple as choosing an occasion and inviting contributors.

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It’s free to create a celebratory video!

There is no limit to create events. Invite as many contributors as you like and enjoy a perfectly done video.

Choose Occasion

WeVishU AppTM helps you choose an occasion and specify a date to create an event.

Invite Collaborators

Once you create an event, you can choose to invite any number of contributors.

Finalize Video

Once you get all the videos from collaborators, you can view, rearrange, finalize and share.


Choose your occasion








Start by choosing an occasion of your choice.

Once you download the app and complete simple registration, you are off to creating your first celebratory video by choosing any of the occasions.

  • Birthday - Let's you create an event and ask collaborators for a birthday video message.
  • Graduation - Let's you create an event and ask collaborators for a graduation video message.
  • Anniversary - Let's you create an event and ask collaborators for a anniversary video message.
  • Wedding - Let's you create an event and ask collaborators for a wedding video message.

Vola! Your first step is done!

Invite as many contributors as you like.

Once an event is created, you can upload your own video message or invite as many contributors as you want.

You can invite via an email or text message. Your contributor will get a link with event code and they are ready to upload their video message.

You'll be notified as the video messages come in so you can track and manage progress.

Finalize and share.

It is as easy as choosing the order of the videos and letting WeVishU AppTM️ do the stitching.

  • Pick the order you want by dragging and dropping videos.
  • Just push a button to finalize and we'll do the rest.
  • Share the special video gift with the loved one!

Once you share the video with the loved one, all the contributors will be notified as well.

Don't hesitate to leave us a comment or share the App with others. We love referrals :)



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